A Look At Your Car’s Dashboard

By , October 27, 2017 12:22 am


Since all the indicators and dials are found in your dashboard, it is important that you are familiar with it. You see, these indicators and dials tell you exactly about the measurements or other problems that your car might be experiencing.

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Facia. This is what people in British English called your car’s dashboard.

Your car’s dashboard is actually that panel that you can find under your windscreen. If you are not so sure about what it is, then you would find your dashboard as that part of your vehicle where there are indicators and dials in it like the tachometer, speedometer, odometer, as well as the fuel gauge.

Since all the indicators and dials are found in your dashboard, it is important that you are familiar with it. You see, these indicators and dials tell you exactly about the measurements or other problems that your car might be experiencing. Just keep in mind that these indicators and dials tell you how fast you are going or if there might be engine trouble or battery trouble or any other aspect of your driving and your car’s status.

Now, if any of the lights on your dashboard are not working, it is important that you do check and look into it. You see, in cases when there might be a problem with your car, you would not be notified and alerted about it. This could mean you getting into trouble, getting stranded, or even getting your pocket emptied up until your very last cent.

To check, you should first look at your dashboard before you even put in your key into the ignition. Then, turn your key to the on position and not the start position. While you do this, do not take your eyes off the dashboard lights. You would know that they are working well because these should light up for around five seconds. Now, if you notice that any one of the lights on your dashboard is not working, then go have a mechanic or professional take a look at it.

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